How much are my MtGox bitcoins worth?

The answer is "Nobody really knows". However, the experts at MtGox Legal have provided a formula for calculating an estimate based on the current civil rehabilitation action.

The formula is: $440 per coin plus $0 damages (damages only apply to fiat, not BTC) plus 14.9% of your bitcoins plus the same number of bitcoin cash (dollar numbers in USD).

There is an outstanding legal dispute with that could significantly change the value of payout to individual creditors. You can visit to learn more about the progress of this action.

Taking the estimate and ignoring the coinlab dispute, you can calculate the current estimated value of your MtGox bitcoins by entering the number you hold in the form below.

Enter number of MtGox bitcoins held and click Calculate
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This service is provided as an estimation tool only. There is absolutely no guarantee offered that your payout will actually be this amount - this website simply exists to perform the calculation suggested by MtGox Legal for you and nothing more.

Current valuation of BTC (bitcoin) is drawn from hourly.

Current valuation of BCH (bitcoin cash) is drawn from hourly.

Current foreign exchange rates are drawn from the European Central Bank daily.